Dr. Dilip K. Som, Ph. D. Physics. Founder, President & CTO

Dr. Som co-founded CPC with Sidney Hoffman in 1985. He has earned a reputation in the closed captioning community as the “guru of closed captioning” for his vast knowledge of the closed captioning field. Dr. Som and Sid Hoffman sold the software assets to Telestream on August 16, 2013. Dr. Som continues to run the caption service department under the name Caption Depot. Sid Hoffman is taking a “time out”, spending time with his family, at the beach and at Costco. Two interesting stories.

Dr. Som has made innumerable software breakthroughs in the closed captioning field beginning in 1986 with the design, development and launching of the first PC based teleprompting/closed captioning software.

His other “firsts” in the closed captioning field include:

  • Release of the first commercially available closed captioning software in 1986
  • Release of one of the first time-code based professional closed captioning software in 1992
  • Release of Realtime Webcast closed captioning software with total synchronization between the closed captions and audio in 2003
  • Kept up with the technology to add captions for all different workflows for videos – SD, HD, DVD, Blu-ray, Webcasts until 2013.

Dr. Som earned his Ph. D. in Physics from the City University of New York.