WORKFLOWS for Web Closed Captions

Preparing your captioned video for the web

TV broadcast producers now need a way to get their videos that were closed-captioned for broadcast onto the web without losing the captions. Our software can easily handle any situation. It can extract and convert closed captions to any required format. If a frame rate or time code change is needed, it has all the necessary tools to easily adjust the closed caption data. Typically this also involves editing the video to remove commercial breaks or shorten the duration. Caption Depot’s closed captioning software can make use of an edit decision list (EDL) from your editing system to automatically conform to the original captions to the new web version. 

Batch Processing of Closed Captioning

Because TV broadcast producers have been closed captioning video for over 20 years, there are large archives of closed caption files and videos in many different formats. Entire video-tape libraries exist with old closed-captioned programming that needs to be uploaded to the web with the captions intact. Our software can take entire archives of video and caption files and batch process them for web delivery. 

Tape to Web Closed Captioning

Last year Final Cut Pro 7 was introduced by Apple, including a new feature that provides professional video producers an elegant and versatile closed captioning workflow. With Final Cut Pro 7, a Mac user can capture their closed captioned tapes into the QuickTime format without losing the important captioning information. MacCaption software can convert this QuickTime captioning into any other captioning file for the web, including Flash, iTunes, QuickTime, YouTube, and Windows Media.

TV to Web Closed Captioning

There are many devices for watching DTV (on-air or cable) broadcasts using your computer. What is critical to viewers who need accessibility is that the closed captioning data can also be viewed and recorded live to a hard drive. Broadcasters who need to post clips to the web now have a simple solution. Our software can extract the closed captions from the live recording and convert them to any other closed captioning file, including Flash, iTunes, QuickTime, YouTube, and Windows Media.

Video files to Web Closed Captioning

There are many different kinds of video files used in the professional editing and broadcast world. MXF, MPEG-2, DV25, DVCPRO HD, QuickTime ProRes, Line-21 VBI, Avid AAF can all have closed captions in one form or another. Our software can batch process or manually extract closed captioning from virtually any video file or format, and easily convert it to any web-friendly format.

Create from Closed Captioning for the Web from Scratch

To caption a video for the web, a few ingredients are needed: a transcript of the video, the actual video file, and closed captioning software to format and synchronize the text with the video. There are many tools that can help this process become quick and easy. MacCaption and CaptionMaker, the software we use, are optimized for professional captioning workflows that require speed and flexibility. Once the captioning project is finished inside our software, there are a variety of export options for compatibility with any kind of video.