Whether you are looking for captioning as a requirement, or to simply make your video more accessible to more people, we have done our best to make the process of adding closed captions to your video as painless as possible. Tailoring each specific work flow to each customer, we make it work for you.


Had your caption file created somewhere else, and need the file either corrected, or converted? We can handle that for you as well. We can provide deliverables in all caption file types, and offer embedding services as well. We can get you over the delivery hurdle, and on your way.


Have your caption or subtitle file already and you just need to embed the captions or subtitles? We can take care of that for you. We have the ability to add both to all video formats, and for all destinations whether that will be broadcast, web, or whatever your needs are.

Have a caption file already?
Need it corrected, converted, or embedded into your video? We’ve got you covered.


It all starts with transcription. Our top notch team is ready to help you whether you are completed with your video, still in the editing stage, or simply an individual or professional who needs to have a video or audio file transcribed. Ask about our editing transcript with time stamps to help save your time.


We have a network of translators for all languages and can help with translation of any document. Of course we specialize in work translating closed caption, subtitle, and transcript files, our translators can help you with any translation needs.


We can help you add subtitles to your next feature film, or whatever your project may be, and in whatever language is needed. We can provide a deliverable that fits your specific needs and workflow, making your job easier.


We do a lot of things. Just ask us.

We Caption Everything

  • All Videotape (HD & SD) Formats
  • DVD Captions and Subtitles
  • Blu-ray Subtitles
  • Flash
  • Windows Media & Quicktime
  • YouTube & Google Video
  • iTunes/iPad/iPhone
  • Tapeless HD (MPEG-2)
  • Final Cut Pro XML
  • Avid MXF/AAF

As Simple as 1- 2-3

You send us

1. a small proxy video via FTP, Dropbox. Upload Video
2. a transcript (if you do not have one, we’ll transcribe from the video)

We will send you

3. a small caption file via email, or your original video with embedded captions/subtitles via FTP.

Embed Captions/Subtitle to Videos?
We can embed captions/subtitles to any HD, SD videos including transport and program streams, .mxf, ProRes etc. You will simply download the video with embedded captions from our FTP site.

Save Time and Money!

Caption Depot makes captioning easy for you. We give you complete control over your project without requiring you to mail tape or lose quality due to generation loss.

We are a small company with a rather large footprint. We provide caption, subtitle, transcription, and translation services, to a wide range of clients from small production companies, to feature films, to large corporations.

We wrote the best Captioning Software in the Market. Our President, Dr. Dilip K. Som, wrote the flagship Closed Captioning software CaptionMaker and MacCaption for both PC and Mac under the company name, CPC. The software was sold to Telestream in 2013, however the caption service department is still running strong to this day based off of superior knowledge, and expert customer service.

The Caption Depot advantage is that we are a one-stop shop for both captioning or subtitling, and delivery of those captions or files to their final destination, whether that be broadcast, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime, DVD or Blu-ray. We specialize in taking a process that is both mandatory for you and helpful to so many people, and make it as easy as possible.

Host your videos on multiple platforms? We will provide you with all deliverables needed, at no extra charge. Even if a month (or more) later your video gets a new opportunity, requiring a new caption file, there will be no extra charge.

Aaron Tibbetts at VStv
Hi Chuck, Yay!!!!!! You are my hero!!! I can’t thank you enough for the rush job…

Beth at Adept Word Management
“CPC’s professionalism is a breath of fresh air.”

Susan at Trailblazer Studios
Hey, Chuck, you are a PRINCE!!!! You guys are fantastic. I won’t ever stop using you.

M3 Television
you are a miracle worker, Chuck! Thank you! This was a quick turnaround, I know. …you are right on time.”  Continue reading.

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