Special Services

1. Non-standard captioning/subtitling

2. Captioning/subtitling in languages other than English

3. Retrieval of captions and conversion to different file formats (e.g., .scc, .cin, .cap, .asc etc.)

4. Video file conversion (e.g., mov to wmv)

5. Any other services


I. Non-standard captioning/subtitling

Caption Depot is experienced in all forms of closed captioning, so if your workflow requires special attention, or falls outside typical industry standards, Caption Depot will be able to accommodate you.


II. Captioning/subtitling in languages other than English

Caption Depot can caption and subtitle videos in almost any language as long as the language of the spoken dialogue in the video is English.

We strongly recommend that you provide the translation (since translation is both an art and a science) and follow our guidelines.

First, we create a caption/subtitle file in English and send you the file with timecodes in Excel. The translator then types the text in the language that will appear in the captions or subtitles in a new column as below. 


We've talked about passion for the business.

On parle souvent de la passion pour son travail.


Passion is not something you can teach people necessarily,

La passion ne s'apprend pas,


but you can certainly recognize it

mais on la ressent imm�diatement


when you see it.

chez les autres.

Caption Depot takes this specially formatted translation and and applies it to your video. Note: Standard definition captions can support up to 4 language tracks on a single video, and Caption Depot supports up to six language tracks for captions.


III. Retrieving and converting captions

Caption Depot can retrieve caption data from a video with existing closed captions.

Caption Depot can also import and convert a large number of caption/subtitle file formats, and convert them to DVD caption/subtitle and Webcast files. See below for a complete list of file formats. Here are the rates for retrieval/conversion. 

Length of video

Retrieval only*

Conversion only**

Retrieval and Conversion

1-30 minutes




31-60 minutes




61-90 minutes




91-120 minutes




Over 120 minutes

Please Call

* Retrieval of caption data: Send us a VHS tape with time code, we will provide you with a tab delimited time stamped text file.

** Caption Depot can read from and convert to the following DVD Systems, Webcast Players, and Standard Caption Files 

DVD Caption and Subtitle Files

Webcast Files

Standard caption Files

Adobe Encore


Cheetah (.asc & .cap)

Apple DVD Studio Pro

Google Video

Captions Inc. (.cin)



Caption Center (.tds)



Sofni (.sub)



Evertz PROcap (.txt)

Pinnacle Expressions

Windows Media Player

Ultech (.utl)

Sonic Solutions


AVID DS (.txt)



Various .scc formats



Various .XML formats


IV. Video file conversion (e.g. mov to wmv)

Caption Depot is capable of converting a variety of video formats while preserving the closed captions. From tapes and DVD to webcasts and iPhone, Caption Depot can do it all.


V. Any other services

Don't see what you're looking for? Caption Depot is here to help and make your closed captioning and subtitling workflows as smooth as possible. If you have special requirements or need to meet specific goals, please contact us.