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Post Production Closed Captioning & Subtitling Rates

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The e-Captioning Workflow

1. upload a small proxy video file
2. Caption Depot transcribes (unless you provide the transcript) & creates caption/subtitle files for your video file
3. a time stamped caption/subtitle file will be emailed to you and you will embed the captions to your video yourself.
4. or, Caption Depot will embed the captions/subtiles to your video.

e-Captioning can be used for virtually all captioning tasks. This includes HD/SD tape, DVD, all web formats & Blu-ray subtitles.


Special Services

For special services like the following, click here for details.

1. Non-standard captioning/subtitling
2. Captioning/subtitling in languages other than English
3. Retrieval of captions and conversion to different file formats (e.g., .scc, .cin, .cap, .asc etc.)
4. Video file conversion (e.g., mov to wmv)
5. Any other services


Caption Depot works with the following formats and systems

Physical Formats
Beta SP

Caption & Subtitle Formats
Cheetah .cap
Cheetah .asc
Ultech .ult
Dual-language .ult
CPC .cap
CPC .onl
Telestream FlipFactory (scc)
FlipFactory subtitles (pac)
Rhozet Carbon (scc)
DV2000/ITV Injector subtitles (usf/uyc)
DV3000/HDE-3000 subtitles (usf/uyc)

Blu-ray Authoring Systems
Sony Blu-print (xml/png)
Sonic Scenarist (xml/png)
NetBlender DoStudio (dost/png)

Web Formats
QuickTime (mov, smil/txt)
iTunes / iPod / iPhone (m4v)
Windows Media Player (sami/asx)
Microsoft Silverlight (xml)
Adobe Flash (Timed Text xml, cue points xml)
Captionate Flash (xml)
YouTube and Google Video
RIT Flash (xml)
JW Flash Player (Timed Text xml)
Hulu (smi)
YouTube (srt)

DVD Authoring Systems
Adobe Encore (txt, fab/tif)
Apple DVD Studio Pro (scc, son/tif, stl, stl/tif)
Avid DVD (txt)
NetBlender DoStudio (dost/png)
Pinnacle Impression (txt/bmp)
Roxio DVDit (txt)
Sonic Scenarist (scc, sst/tif)
Sonic Producer (txt)
Sonic ReelDVD (son/tif)
Sonic Fusion/Creator (son/tif, cc)
Spruce Maestro (scc, stl, stl/tif)
Sony DVD Architect (txt)
Sony Blu-print (xml/png)
Sonic Scenarist (xml/png)