We specialize in encoding and embedding closed captions to all digital video formats. More...
The Caption Depot Advantage
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Caption Depot Provides High Quality Closed Captioning and Subtitling Services.

We give you complete control over your project.
No mailing tapes. No generation loss.

Caption Depot (originally under the name CPC)
has over 20 years of captioning service experience
plus 25 years of captioning software expertise (until August 2013).

As Simple As 123

We Caption Everything

    1. All Videotape (HD & SD) Formats
    2. DVD Captions and Subtitles
    3. Blu-ray Subtitles
    4. Flash
    5. Windows Media & Quicktime
    6. YouTube & Google Video
    7. iTunes/iPod/iPhone
    8. Tapeless HD (MPEG-2)
    9. Final Cut Pro XML
    10. Avid MXF/AAF

As Simple As 1 2 3

You send us
    1. a small proxy video via FTP, Dropbox.
    2. a transcript (if you do not have one,
      we'll transcribe from the video)
We will send you
    1. a small caption file via email
Embed Captions/Subtitles to Videos?

We can embed captions/subtitles to any
HD, SD videos including transport and
program streams, .mxf, ProRes etc.

Save Time and Money!

Caption Depot makes captioning easy for you.

We give you complete control over your project without requiring you to mail tape or lose quality due to generation loss.


Hi Chuck, Yay!!!!!! You are my hero!!! I can’t thank you enough for the rush job... Susan at Trailblazer Studios

Hey, Chuck, you are a PRINCE!!!! You guys are fantastic.  I won't ever stop using you.   Beth at Adept Word Management

"CPC's professionalism is a breath of fresh air." Center for Teaching and Learning, Univ. of GA

"The folks at CPC are very responsive...in the face of looming deadlines and quick turnaround." Independent Media Services


"CPC's captioning department always comes through for us...they go the extra mile, no matter what!"

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